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What happened to Oscar Mayorga?

Oscar Mayorga, a 25-year-old Florida police officer, was arrested for driving drunk while on duty after his coworkers observed him swerving down the street in his police vehicle. His blood alcohol content was five times the legal limit, according to the officials. He is been suspended from duty indefinitely without pay. This incident occurred on July 4, when a nearby citizen called the police after observing Mayorga cause chaos by driving through stop signs. According to the local resident, he was “all over the road.”

Who was Oscar Mayorga?

Mayorga is a five-year veteran of the police force who served with the Apopka Police Department. According to police, he told his coworkers in a slurred manner that he was on his way to work and not feeling well. The 25-year-old admitted to consuming three tall boys and was set to work that evening at his local police station. He allegedly stated that he would be well so long as he waited six hours between drinking and beginning his shift.

The dramatic bodycam film that was eventually published by the Eustis Police Department depicts a drunk-eyed Mayorga being questioned by the police. He was then placed on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. The responding officer observed an open beer can in the cruiser’s center console and detected a strong odour of alcohol emanating from within the vehicle. According to the other police, he had forgotten about the open beer can in the middle cup holder.

Was Oscar Mayorga drinking alcohol?

Initially, Mayorga asserted that he was not drinking and was treating his pain with medication. However, he later admitted to drinking. The police stated, “There is an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.” “Have you consumed any alcohol today?” The officer’s speech was slurred as he stated, “No, that’s probably three days old.” “Okay. I can detect the odour of alcohol on your breath.” When asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, the cop with tattoos responded, “not really, but… if you guys could take care of me right now…” He then drifted off.

Police instructed the officer to place his hands on the car’s roof and removed his weapon. After refusing transfer to the hospital, he was arrested and placed in jail on a $1000 bond. Nearly five times the legal limit of 0.08g, Mayorga’s blood alcohol content was measured at 0.391g/210L. The authorities have placed him on administrative leave while they investigate the situation further.

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