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Who is Summer Wells and what has happened to her?

Summer Wells has been in the news since she went missing from her home last year. Her father recently made headlines after writing a state penitentiary letter addressed to “the person or persons responsible.”

Don Wells served imprisonment for an unconnected arrest that occurred afterward after his daughter mysteriously disappeared. There at one point, he was on parole.

“Not only have you crushed Summer’s heart and taken her away from her mother and father, who love her very much,” 

The family told investigators they had last seen her on June 15, 2021, at their house on Ben Hill Road in Rogersville, as she walked out watering plants with her granny.

The parents claim that they believe the suspect kidnapped her from their  11-acre estate and enticed the girl outside.

Per the letter, the couple lost their jobs in the circumstances of her abduction and found it difficult to find employment afterward. 

Summer Wells' father writes a letter to the 'kidnappers.'

“You see, the public holds us accountable,” he added. “I’m not sure if we’ll ever find work again. Nobody wants to hire my wife, and I’ve been sacked from my job of 13 years.”

He requested the return of his daughter.

“We might lose everything,” he continued. “When you kidnapped our daughter, you took our life.”

“Mr. Don Wells has sent a letter to his daughter, Summer Moon-Utah Wells, as well as a letter to the person(s) who may have her,” 

“These letters have been held and scheduled to be posted in days to come. We ask the greatest respect be given these letters.”

Summer’s parents both had a criminal history. her aunt went disappeared as well a decade ago.

The film also acknowledged lingering concerns about the letters and their intended purpose.

According to the sources

“These letters are not intended to manipulate law enforcement or the American legal system,” the video message stated.

“Individuals who make these claims and choose to examine these letters for ‘nefarious motivations,’ in this editor’s opinion, should be avoided. There is a humane method to analyse.”

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