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Minecraft celebrity Technoblade passes away after a long battle with cancer.

Technoblade, a broadcaster of Minecraft, has died. He was fighting stage 4 cancer. His family now broke the news of his passing.  After the death news, other streamers paid respect to social media’s internet sensation.

 23-year-old updated his fans about his diagnosis. Due to Technoblade’s cancer treatments, he needed a sabbatical. 

 His death news was confirmed by her father, who updated his fans about his death. It was posted on social media, saying how his son fought bravely against his cancer battle. He shared a letter written by  Technoblade in which he addressed his fans. 


“The happiest years of my life were those. You’ve helped millions of people, and you’ve done so much for them. You can take a nap if you want to. I would advise against waiting, though, if you want to record one last video but are waiting for things to improve.

Eight hours prior to his father’s passing, the Minecraft master left his final message on his father’s computer. The message, which was titled “So long, geeks,” was read by Techno’s father.”

Techno stated: “I hope you all liked what I had to say and that I made a few of you chuckle. I adore you guys, and I wish you all live long, prosperous, and happy lives. Cut the technoblade.” 

“I hope my remarks were well received by everyone and that I amsted a few of you with a smile. You guys are the best, and I hope you all have a long, healthy, and happy life. Remove the technoblade.”

“We all said goodbye. He was the most amazing kid anyone could ask for.”

“We, Technoblade’s family, wanted you all to know how much he loved and valued his fans and coworkers,” they concluded.

The streamer, who claimed that his true name is Alex, battled stage four cancer without complaining, according to Techno’s mother in a parting message. 

“All of us who were fortunate enough to travel this journey with my son were inspired by his bravery on this path.”

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