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Liese Dodd, the 22-year-old pregnant woman is brutally murdered in the United States, knows about the incident

The beheading of a pregnant lady in Alton, Illinois, has sent shockwaves across the United States. Last week, a woman named Liese Dodd was assassinated. The police discovered her body on June 9th. Dodd’s head was discovered in a garbage outside her residence, according to court documents acquired by the St Louis Dispatch. At the time of her murder, she was eight months pregnant and expected to give birth in July of this year. Deundrea Holloway, Dodd’s ex-boyfriend, has been detained on suspicion of murder.

Liese Dodd Wiki, Age, Biography

Dodd’s mother, Heidi Noel, reacted to the news of her daughter’s murder by saying that she was a 22-year-old brilliant and loving soul. Dodd had a “huge heart,” Heidi added, adding that her girl cared for everyone. “She would go to any length for everyone.” A distraught mother added, “She’d go out of her way to assist.”

Dodd grew up and went to school in Jerseyville, Illinois, Heidi told News 4 over the phone, adding that she had recently moved to Alton. “She had gone to college and intended to pursue a career in medicine.” “She was towing with moving in that way since I’m a nurse,” Heidi continued. The family was ecstatic about Dodd’s baby, Heidi recalled, and they were busy planning the baby shower. She told KMOV, “We were just excited and gathering the materials you need to conceive a kid.”

What Was the Reason for Liese Dodd’s Death?

Dodd’s body was discovered after Heidi went to check on her, according to Alton Police Chief Marcos Pulido. Dodd was savagely slaughtered,’ according to the detective, who called her death “beyond irreprehensible.”

“This daughter, this mother-to-be, and her family were in the midst of preparing a baby shower at the end of June, but now the family is preparing a funeral because of what a monster did,” Pulido added. Dodd was soon to be a father for the first time. Dodd and Holloway had been dating for around two years, according to the cop. Holloway was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn fetus on two counts each.

He’s also been accused of dismembering a human body, concealing a homicide death, and driving while intoxicated. Holloway was not the child’s father, Heidi confessed. “For two years, they (Dodd and Holloway) had been in a volatile on-again, off-again relationship,” she explained. The authorities are also looking into the possibility of a vengeance motive in Dodd’s death. Dodd’s boyfriend or girlfriend at the time of her murder is unknown.

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