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How did Jô Soares die?

In the early hours of Friday morning in Sao Paulo, Jô Soares, one of the most famous comedians and television personalities in Brazil, passed away. He was 84.

According to information provided by the Sirio Libanes hospital in Sao Paulo, Soares had been admitted to the facility on July 28 suffering from pneumonia. In the note that was posted on its website, it did not disclose any information regarding the reason for his passing.

About Jô Soares :

José Eugênio Soares was born in Rio de Janeiro, and ever since he was a young boy, he had the ambition to follow in the shoes of his great-grandfather and become a diplomat. His great-grandfather was also the governor of the state of Espirito Santo. The five languages that Soares was fluent in were English, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish. He spoke each of these languages to varying degrees.

When he was a youngster, he went to school in Switzerland, and it was there that he developed an interest in acting. After the failure of the business his parents ran, he moved back to Brazil and immediately started taking acting training.

It wasn’t until 1954 that he made his debut in a musical picture, and in 1958 he made his first appearance on television. He started writing and directing movies, and he infused his comedy into the characters he created. He also wrote books and editorials for newspapers, in which he frequently used humour and irony as his signature healing ingredients.

In the late 1980s, he began to host talk shows, and during that time, the phrase “A kiss from the fat man” became a popular catchphrase. On his show, “Programa do Jô,” which was broadcast on the massive Brazilian television network Globo from the years 2000 to 2016, he conducted interviews with a multitude of notable figures.

Jô Soares: Who was he?

Rafael, Soares’s only son, passed away in 2014 after a short life. During this period, Soares continued his work and paid honor to him while on air.

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