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Barry Sinclair, a former New Zealand captain, has died.

According to sources, he represented the side in three Tests and kept them for the final Challenge of the campaign at Auckland and he played well against India. 

He then missed the 2nd and 3rd Matches versus India owing to private responsibilities.

“In Bill Francis’ biography, ‘In the Pursuit of Excellent: The Barry Sinclair Story,’ Francis stated that  how he would balance his duties towards his game and family   and cricket in what was a financially amateur era, simply needed a break,” 

Sinclair had stated, “I feel fully inundated with cricket.” “I enjoy the game and want to continue playing it. I’m afraid that if I don’t take a vacation from cricket right now, I’ll end up giving up on the game entirely, which I don’t want to do. Perhaps I tried to accomplish too much, and I feel I need to take a rest if I am to continue.”

Sinclair scored contributing runs in 1st games for his country. He appeared in games and kept making his cricket fans proud of him. to inspire his fans he wrote a book in which he explained his experiences.

“He is a batsman with exceptional natural talent, as he demonstrated regularly in England last year (1965) and during his superb century against England in Auckland.”

His friends and relatives dubbed him ‘Sinky.’ He received his name from his height. He is one of the best cricketers New Zealand has ever produced.

Heath Mills stated, “We were all shocked to learn of Barry’s death this morning. We have been fortunate to have him as a member of the NZCPA for so many years. Barry was one of the first former players to join our organisation, and he enjoyed being involved and assisting current players in creating a better environment in the game. He will be greatly missed.”

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