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Who is Sherra Wright Robinson – On being convicted for her ex-husband’s murder, Shenna first pleaded not guilty in court. But later on, on July 25, 2019, she agreed to the sin of committing a fit-degree murder. This led to her sentence in prison of 30 years. Lorenzen Wright’s decomposed body was found in the ground in 2010.

Despite her hard efforts in the court hearing this year, the ex-wife has been denied an early release from prison after plotting his killing. Even after the statements from two of Sherra’s children and her arguments that she has been acting well in jail, the Tennessee Board of Parole refused her parole. 

Deborah Marion, Lorenzen’s mother, came out against Sherra’s release, arguing that she should serve the remainder of her sentence. 

The complete plot behind the murder-

After leaving his ex-wife’s residence in Tennessee on July 18, 2010, he went missing. Wright’s body was rotted in an isolated field area near a local golf club ten days later.

Three suspects have subsequently been apprehended: his ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, her gardener Billy Ray Turner, and her cousin Jimmie Martin, after a seven-year inquiry.

Sherra Wright-Robinson’s cousin, Jimmie Martin, testified that he and Billy Ray Turner were recruited to assassinate Lorenzen Wright.

Before they shot him, Wright had jumped a fence and attempted to flee.

Sherra initially claimed Lorenzen was killed in a botched drug deal until July 2019, when she pled guilty to first-degree murder facilitation and was sentenced.

What were Sherra’s cruel intentions behind this?

Wright had retired from the NBA in 2009 after spending 13 seasons in the league and earning an estimated $55 million.

Mr. Tell Me Anything, a supposedly hypothetical narrative about a lady who marries an abusive and unfaithful basketball star, was released by Wright-Robinson in 2015. But no one believed her fictitious story because everyone had faith in the NBA star. Deborah Marion, Wright’s mother, believed that his ex-wife killed him for his $ 1 million life insurance policy meant for his 6 children. 

The children include Lorenzen Wright Jr., Loren Wright, twin Lamar, Shamar Wright, Sofia Wright, and Lawson Wright.

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