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The boyfriend of  Shereen Kumar has been accused of murder following her dead body was discovered in the woods.

When Shereen’s body was discovered in the woods, the police arrested her boyfriend since he was the prime suspect. He was ‘very anxious about his missing girlfriend. He was accused of her killing.

Announced the publication of a woman’s body in a forest in Sydney’s northwest, the boyfriend of a disappeared Sydney woman has been convicted of murder.

The remains have yet to be adequately verified; however, it is thought to be that of Shereen Kumar, hence have disappeared suddenly.

Vincent Carlino, her five-year-old boyfriend, was detained at a residence and accused of murdering her.

He was transported to Norton Police Precinct and found guilty of manslaughter in connection with a domestic abuse case, according to police.

“She departed without taking her phone or the van,” he said to the source. “I’ve told cops about every possible location where she could be.”

He has now been arrested for the murder of a girl by sexual assault .her remains were discovered in woodland. Shereen is believed to be the victim.

Investigators have been combing the town’s bush with hounds and drones for her. as per sources, she had two kids. And she disappeared from her house. 

She missed mysteriously; hence her family filed a missing complaint.

According to investigators, Mr. Carlino strangled Ms. Kumar on Wednesday evening, buried her in wrap and adhesive, and dumped her body in the woods.

He was held without bail and ordered to face in Sydney District Court on Sunday.

After her relatives raised the alarm, the woman was confirmed dead by the police.

Mr. Carlino claimed she walked out of the home wearing a night dress. She left her phone at home.

“I’ve told cops about every possible location where she could be,” he claimed.

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