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About Shakwan David Kelly’s case

Recently, authorities in Vancouver, Canada, released a video showing the frightening moment a 40-year-old lady and her toddler were knocked to the ground. Police say the incident happened when the mother and child were standing on East Pender near Gore Avenue. The kid was scratched up very badly. On July 9 at around 10:45 a.m., police were responding to calls of a shirtless guy strolling in traffic and kicking cars.

The woman and her little child were knocked to the ground when 27-year-old Shakwan David Kelly, who was being chased by police, rushed into their back. Concerned onlookers ran to the aid of the mother and kid after they were flung to the ground, but topless Kelly kept going. 

The video of the event has been made public by the Vancouver police department and posted to their Twitter page. Castanet quotes Sergeant Steve Addison as saying, “This assault occurred in a busy neighbourhood and was witnessed by around a dozen people.” While “we have spoken to several witnesses,” he added, “we are currently gathering evidence and would like to hear from others who saw or heard what happened.”

After being arrested for mischief, assault, and impeding a peace officer in Vancouver, he was later freed. Kelly skipped his July 12 court date without explanation. On Thursday, July 21, police finally located and detained Kelly when a neighbour recognised him from news coverage and alerted patrolling policemen in Vancouver. Kelly was taken back to prison, and police said they will not stop looking into the crimes he is suspected of committing in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside on July 9.

Twitter reacts to Shakwan David Kelly’s case

Twitter users also shared their thoughts on the video footage that was posted. Good thing Shakwan David Kelly wasn’t driving, as it would have led to the comment “road rat single passenger driver mowed down baby,” according to one user. Twitter user: “Why are the VPD asking for new witnesses to an assault so obviously caught on video?” It would seem more reasonable for authorities to ask for information regarding Shakwan David Kelly’s whereabouts from potential witnesses. Finding Shakwan David Kelly and putting an end to his criminal career is acceptable, as another tweet put it.

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