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After challenging critics to contact him, a Florida rapper was gunned.

On Friday, Rollie Bands, a Florida-based rapper, was shot to death near his Tampa housing complex. The suspect is yet to be identified.

At roughly 3:30 p.m., following his comment, the rapper was murdered in the parking garage of his housing complex. He was brought to a medical center where a team of expert medical professionals was unable to be cured him.

The suspect was a known person who targeted him while he was alone without any security. He shot him and fled away quickly in his car.

The  State Police command stated, “At this point, the shooting does not look random, as the suspects and victim are probably known to each other.”

“A lot of these n****s know where I live at fr.” “I sleep soundly. If a n***a wants to smoke, I’ll be at my crib in 5 minutes.”

“If a n***a wants to smoke, pull up,” Rollie Bands apparently commented on Friday on his Instagram Story. ” Many of these n****s know where I live.” I sleep soundly. If a n***a wants to smoke, I’ll be at my crib in 5 minutes.”

A single stray bullet killed Rollie Bands just minutes after posting the remark. He’d only been enthusiastic about singing.

According to the rapper’s Posts on Instagram, he had a young daughter who helped him live.

Rollie Bands commented below a picture of the youngster, “The one person I live for.”

Rollie Bands was fatally wounded by gunshot wounds moments after he published the statement. 

The investigation is still underway, and no charges have been brought yet.

This event occurred a month when he was critically injured during an assault and robbery in Edgewater.

Mohamed Konate was later apprehended and convicted with three charges of first-degree attempted homicide and two others.

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