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Ramsundar Ramkalawan, an Exeter resident, has been arrested on suspicion of Donna MacDonald’s assassination

There are speculations that RAmsundar Ramakalawan has been detained by the police.

Rhode Island Police Police identified the deceased and suspect in a murder in Exeter. Ramsundar Ramkalawan, 60, was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday. As per the sources  Donna MacDonald was brutally murdered at her home on South County Trail.

According to authorities, Ramkalawan killed MacDonald by beating her with a rock. Ramkalawan was also a tenant of 561 South County Trail. He was detained at State Police Building for the night.

Rhode Island Police Police identified the deceased and suspect in a murder in Exeter. There was no conviction recorded and no bond was established. Ramkalawan will be held at Adult Detention Facilities before his next court appearance on July 27.

Attorney Mark Trovato testified at trial that even when police got to the location, they discovered an unconscious MacDonald.

Ramkalawan pled not guilty in District Court in October to a charge of driving under the influence in Richmond in June 2021. He received a 20-hour volunteer work term.

He stated that investigators suspect Ramkalawan had an altercation with the victim and beat her with a stone many rounds. Officials have not revealed anything about it.

Funeral Information about Donna MacDonald

The netizen and the media have received few details regarding the dead woman.

There is no information available on her medical records. As a result, she was battered to death.

Donna MacDonald’s family is in mourning following her tragic demise. Her obituary has yet to be published online. However, it has been verified that she was killed by a stone. The accused has been apprehended by police. she was sharing a home with the accused which they rented. however, there is no information if they were romantically involved. Thousands of online people expressed their sympathies for her through different social media channels.

Ramsundar Ramkalawan has received widespread condemnation for fatally beating a woman.

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