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A convicted bank robbery suspect was shot following the opening fire at Dallas International Airport.

According to authorities, a woman was wounded by officers following firing a revolver within the terminal at Dallas Love Field Airport . she is considered a bank robbery suspect.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the accident occurred when Portia Odufuwa was leaving the counter.

Odufuwa was transported to the hospital by officials. No further injuries were detected among passengers, airport staff, or reacting police officers.

“At this point, we don’t know where this individual was aiming,” the police spoke person stated.

A spokesperson said she observed her when approaching the terminal “with pistols up.”

“We were checking in at the counter, and I was attempting to check in when we heard someone yelling,” Judy Rawle said during the interview. “And when we looked up, we saw her walking down with pistols drawn.”

He has said that the accused then walked into a restroom, changed her clothes, and returned. The detective in the airport subsequently noticed her taking out a pistol and firing into the air while “aiming towards the ceiling.”

“The shooting occurred in a non-secure area at the ticket counter,”

According to the media outlet, Oduwufa was convicted of sending a bank employee a paper requesting money.

According to the channel, a court allowed her to undertake a cognitive check for two weeks even before the prosecution against her was dismissed.

According to court records, a Portia Odufuwa was caught near the scene of a bank heist in Wylie in 2019. However, the accusations were initially rejected.

She was apprehended on the spot. Odufuwa was suspected of presenting a note requesting money to a bank cashier. Nonetheless, after a fitness hearing, the court of appeals reversed.

 Following several high-profile occurrences involving casualties, there have been several requests to change ‘gun control laws. US President Joe Biden has spoken out about the situation and promised “significant improvements.”

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