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The sad news of Peter James Lee, the Diocese of Virginia’s 12th priest, has died. On July 2, he died at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, surrounded by family and friends.

From 1984 to 2009, Services as bishop and made a name for himself in the community. More than 200 persons were ordained to the priesthood by Lee. He assisted in the development of the diocese’s church schools.

He coordinated considerable capital enhancements to both diocesan churches. He also assisted in the formation of the Triangle of Hope, a creedal alliance between the Dioceses of Virginia, Liverpool, England, and Ghana. The Circle of Optimism encourages forgiveness and healing due to the three bishops’ joint involvement in the slave trade.

This solves problems as a way for Eleven chapels to secede from the diocese, resulting in a legal struggle over land tenure. The diocese eventually won the court dispute in 2012 once the courts declared that the buildings and land of the seceding churches were the diocese’s assets.

He said that visiting Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu and being welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II was among the highlights of Lee’s career.

Who is Peter James Lee? and what was the cause of his death?

The further contribution he left to the Bishop of Virginia is the Peter James Lee Fund for Small Churches Renewal, which was established in his honour. 

Although he eventually went to college, professional service was not his first choice. Previously to being called to the priesthood,

He previously held management positions in the broader Catholic Archdiocese as archbishop of Virginia.

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