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Cherry Creek High School’s softball coach has been charged with $ex offenses against a student who committed suicide.

According to the Arapahoe Sheriffs Department, the senior softball instructor at Cherry Creek High School was detained when police department authorities claimed he intended to obtain $exual visual content from a teenage female.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office arrested Paul (Pablo) Severtson, 37, and charged him with $exual seduction, a  misdemeanor. According to internet records, he is detained in the Arapahoe County jail and is set to appear in court Thursday morning. No bail has been issued.

Law enforcement in Hanover, Va., informed the regional sheriff’s inauguration in January about a young girl who had attempted suicide. Authorities in Virginia discovered that they were in contact and sharing nudes from various online platforms.

“Investigators discovered that Severtson was attempting to urge his victim to generate and distribute nude photographs and films of herself, which would be considered child $exual abuse material owing to her age,” according to the announcement.

Per a press release, a court order was issued at Severtson’s residence in unoccupied by detectives from the sheriff’s office’s felonies involving minors. He was arrested, and his smartphone was confiscated as proof.

“His arrest was not connected to his employment with the Cherry Creek School District and did not involve CCSD students,” per the statement.

“CCSD is working with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to support their investigation,” Smith said. “In accordance with state statute regarding mandatory parental notification for certain felony charges, the district has notified families at all three schools where Mr. Severtson worked. Mr. Severtson went through the regular district hiring process, which includes a criminal background check and reference checks. The process did not raise any concerns about his employment.”

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