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A 64-year-old Nazeri Bin Lajim of Singapore has only hours left to live. On Friday morning, he will be executed in Singapore. The penitentiary gave seven days’ notice to his loved ones.

Due to the government’s increased rate of executions, 2022 in Singapore is shaping up to be a horrible year. Four persons have been executed by hanging this year for drug offenses; if not for last-minute court applications leading to stays of execution or respite orders provided by the President, four more would have been executed.

This is Nazeri Bin, a 64-year-old former drug dealer. When he was only 14 years old, he began abusing MX pills, also known as Quaaludes in the United States. Nazeri was already a heroin addict when the law was changed in 1975 to make it possible to be executed for narcotics possession. He was young, only sixteen.

Several Singaporean governments have said that the harsh penalties found in the Misuse of Drugs Act are intended to serve as a deterrent. They suggest that we think about the people whose lives have been ruined by drugs. Nazeri is a representative of this group.

Instead of receiving help and treatment, Nazeri was constantly arrested and punished. Nazira claims that he has spent a vast portion of his life in prison. She was frustrated by his constant relapse after being released from confinement.

Nazeri Bin Lajim’s arrest

Two drug packages were found on Nazeri when he was arrested. Their charges culminated in the most serious possible charge: trafficking in excess of 15 grams of heroin, a crime punishable by death.

The fact that he intended to sell the medicines was not contested by him. Nazeri testified at his trial that he had used more heroin than he had disclosed to police. He claimed the police told him to slow down because they didn’t believe he’d taken so much heroin.

On September 21, 2017, he was given a death sentence. After discovering that one of the defendants was a courier, the prosecution was able to secure a Certificate of Substantive Assistance for him. This resulted in his being sentenced to life in prison with caning by the court.

The date of July 22, 2022, has also been designated as Lajim’s execution date. This year now had its ninth execution. He’s scheduled to be executed early on Friday morning. The state must not be allowed to silence legitimate calls for the end of the death penalty.

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