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Influencer Kylie Strickland in Georgia following her arrest for allegedly flashing children at a pool

Georgian influencer Kylie Strickland, 30, is under charge for reportedly subjecting youngsters to sexual advances during a live session on TikTok. Some of our readers may find this article’s material to be disturbing. 

Strickland seems to be in a public water pool at a property in Pike County, Georgia, in a video that has now been posted on other platforms. She asks two young boys, “You wish to view titties. Drink up!”. She then appears to be giggling and flashing her breasts to the kids.

The influencer’s TikTok account, which has 7.4 million likes and 261,500 followers, is now becoming private in response to the criticism.

On TikTok, mothers are speaking out about the situation and voicing their thoughts as parents-

“Authorities made clear they are working with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office to examine the case,” this was in a post on the PC Sheriff’s Dept’s Fb Page on Thursday. According to the official word, “Strickland was detained on a warrant issued by Pike County officers for digital or electronic pornography and child flashing, which is an offense in Georgia.” She is now held while a bond hearing is set.

In a video praising the news of her arrest, a mother claims that “justice has been served.” “Kylie Strickland was caught. Therefore she is receiving what she deserves. She appears to appreciate the P County Sheriff’s council.

Influencer Kylie Strickland, who has 200,000 fans on TikTok, defended flashing the two guys-

After the Troup County Sheriff’s Office covered this crime, investigators could link up with their staff. But post the event, one can see the terrible manner of replying by the guilty Strickland in her favor.

According to Strickland, who defended the film by arguing that she was flashing them as usual. She added-“The guys have seen breasts many times before; those small kids have probably seen more boobs in their lives than I have.” 

She continued by saying that the teenage males were already consuming liquor at the plot before she joined and that she was not responsible for the parenting ways of the other adults there.

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