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Nearly a million individuals are followers of Jessica Reed Kraus on the Instagram account, whose username is @houseinhabit which Jessica Reed Kraus handled. Her list of followings is increased due to two factors at the time of the slander trial. On her Instagram stories, Jessica Reed Kraus also shared her numerous highlights, which are related to the topic of court cases, as well as also shared in-depth testimonials.

Who is Jessica Reed Kraus? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Jessica Reed Kraus is one of the Instagram influencers who declared about the depth of Substack post on Tuesday where she spoke with Johnny Depp on behalf of his starting six-week trial. 

Jessica Reed Kraus revealed about Johnny Depp, who also expressed his point of view on the death of journalistic integrity.

The actor reported that he doesn’t know anything about him, but he knows just by the words he uses and the aesthetic in the work that he trusts him.

The influencer Jessica Reed Kraus further shared that the two spoke about their mutual love of books and discussed the works of Hunter S. Thompson and David Foster Wallace.

What did Jessica reveal about Johnny Depp?

After the testimony, actor Jessica Reed Kraus revealed her meeting with Johnny Depp at the time of a cocktail party organized inside the hotel. Jessica Reed Kraus recalled that the actor did not apprehend the trial’s considerable attention. That is, Johnny Depp was so naïve. 

He could not even understand those phone calls, and every part of the trial was spreading rapidly because Johnny Depp was not on any social media.” Jessica Reed Kraus also shared that it is a betrayal that he hasn’t coped with.

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