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Jay Lee Neubaum was found guilty of murder in Monona County

The judgments in two Monona District homicide cases were confirmed.

In consecutive decisions, the State Circuit court upheld Eliot Stowe’s 1st guilty verdict for the bludgeoning murder of his granny, Cheryl Stowe, at her remote Castana, Iowa, residence in 2018. Stowe is sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

What are the charges against him?

The judge similarly rejected a preliminary hearing for Jay Lee Neubaum, he was convicted accused of manslaughter conviction in May 2021 for the deadly shooting of that other teenager in Iowa.  Neubaum received a 50-year jail sentence.

When Stowe abandoned his right to trial, District Judge Zachary Hindman ruled over the court hearing and sentenced him to death for pursuing Cheryl Stowe, 66, into her bed at their house and assaulting her with a weapon.  He subsequently covered her remains in a carpet and sticky tape prior to actually burying them on an adjacent farm.

Four medical examiners stated for the prosecution that Stowe was insane and had psychosis while he murdered his granny. Furthermore, Hindman concurred with a neurologist who argued for the state that Stowe was not mad and that his attempts to conceal the murder demonstrated that he understood what he was doing was unlawful.

The appeals court stated that “substantial evidence supports the district court’s conclusions underpinning its determination.”

Hindman, on the other hand, ruled Neubaum, 19, not convicted of seven other allegations of 3rd sexual abuse, alleging he drugged and raped five other females.

“The evidence provided at trial by the state leaves the court with a reasonable doubt on each of those counts,”

 He delivered parts of his judgment in Monona County Trial Court.

people of the town were stunned by the verdict and exited the courthouse weeping. According to a victim advocate, neither of those there nor their relatives or supporters wished to participate.

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