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What did Ricky Martin do?

An attorney for pop artist Ricky Martin has vehemently denied charges that his client molested his nephew. The allegations were made by the singer’s attorney. The attorney went on to say that the charges were “not just inaccurate,” but also “disgusting,” as stated in the report that was published in Variety.

At the beginning of July, a restraining order was sent to Martin in Puerto Rico. The reason given for the order was domestic violence.

TMZ said on Friday that the singer’s brother, Eric Martin, named the claimed victim as Martin’s nephew, who is 21 years old. Eric Martin’s statement was confirmed by Martin. While this was going on, however, Attorney Martin Singer stated that Martin’s nephew is “struggling with deep mental health difficulties.”

What was revealed about Ricky Martin?

The Singer revealed the following in an interview with Variety: “Naturally, Ricky Martin has never been involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew, and he never would be. He also has no intention of doing so in the future. This notion is not just devoid of any truth but also repugnant. Everyone here has high hopes that this man will receive the assistance he so desperately requires. However, the most important thing for us is that this dreadful case will be thrown out as soon as the judge has a chance to examine the evidence.”

Ricky Martin: Who is he?

The petitioner was not able to be located at the time when the restraining order was brought up on July 2nd. El Vocero, a Puerto Rican news outlet, reported that the alleged perpetrator was someone Martin had dated for a period of seven months before the incident. 

According to the petitioner’s statements at the time, Martin had rejected the breakup and had been spotted near their residence on multiple occasions, as reported by Variety.

According to TMZ, Martin is scheduled to appear in court on July 21, and during that hearing, a judge will decide whether or not the restraining order should continue to be in effect or be lifted.

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