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Dave Chappelle received an Emmy nod for his provocative The Closer special last week, however, the performer was kicked out of one of Minneapolis’ greatest renowned theaters tonight for his almost always perspective on transgender people. he made a comment which did not receive well from his audience.

First Street administration suspended Chappelle’s planned show at the theater and transferred him to the adjacent Varsity Theater, citing a response to his perceived verbal abuse sentiments.

Eventually got, the Varsity Theater went on Twitter to confirm the address change:

Representatives for Chappelle, rescheduled the show which was earlier supposed to begin at the Varsity tomorrow, and on July 22, Reservations for Chappelle’s First Avenue show were unexpectedly announced on July 18 and were quickly snapped up for the 1,550 main room space venue.

“We hear you, artists, and members of our community, and we apologise.” We understand that we must hold ourselves to the greatest standards, and we regret that we have let you down. “We are not just a black box with people inside, and we understand that First Avenue is more than just a room, but something meaningful outside our doors,” the quote indicates. “The First Avenue staff and you have worked tirelessly to make our venues the safest in the country, and we will continue to do so.” We believe in varied viewpoints and artistic freedom, but in doing so, we lost sight of the impact this would have.”

First Avenue is the venue prominently displayed in Prince’s legendary 1984 film Purple Rain. Despite the fact that First Avenue has never been officially designated as a heritage site. Chappelle has played at the theater numerous times over his career.

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