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Who is Cortez Rice? 

A teenager has been accused of the death of a lady who got killed in a shootout in Morris, Illinois, on Thursday.

Beverly A. Lambert, 25, of Shorewood, was killed in the mishap, as reported by the authorities. 

Lambert was rushed to the local  Hospital after she got injured in a shooting. However, she could not be saved, and the medical team pronounced her dead in the evening.

An autopsy will be performed as per the police.

According to Morris authorities, Cortez Rice, 16, has been accused of killing  Lambert. He has been retained at the Valley Prison Camp in Illinois and therefore will be brought to court. The relatives of the accused and the victim were in attendance at the trial.

According to authorities,  Lambert was scooping up her 12-month son, Jace, from a condo complex primary carer after being shot.

“I think the community has a ripple effect of something happening to a 25-year-old woman in Grundy County that not only impacts the victim’s family, but it impacts the entire community,” Helland told reporters.

Helland claims the adolescent then tried to steal her car.

“In Grundy County’s history, I have never heard of an offender committing a murder at the age of 16. It simply does not happen here, “Helland elaborated.

He after which escaped the crime spot, spurring a   search by multiple law enforcement agencies.

“A police officer waved and instructed us to “Just stay there,” before coming down and declaring that “We have an active shooter.” Just stay inside,’ “Mike Ryerson agreed. “There has recently been an increase in violent incidents, which has always been very unusual for Morris.”

Who is Cortez Rice? 

Police seem to have been successful in locating the accused. Kudos to the vehicle license reader innovation that was equipped at the society’s entry and exit doors. Which helps the police to trace him down.

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