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Primary  School Teacher Corinne Culver hit a student’s head on door.

Corinne Culver, a primary school teacher, smacked a student in the head with a door. At Tiger Primary in Maidstone, Kent, she chased a girl out of her class and banged her head against the wall.

She once grabbed a student from the restroom by her wrist and hauled the same student up by wrapping both of her hands across her chest from behind.

Along with saying things like “Get her away from me,” “I’ve had enough,” and “She’s been a right brat,” Culver was also overheard saying.

Following a hearing after her crime was caught on camera, the Teaching Regulation Authority has now barred her from lecturing.

She didn’t enter any of the instances of her using force into the systems at the school.

Additionally, it was observed speaking crudely and making improper statements in front of her students.

Ms. Culver declined to attend the hearing however did not request a postponement.

The kids she tutored in the primary school belonged to the age group from three to five.

Tiger Primary employees testified before the panel, that she heard her using bad language and she got many warnings from the school administration board.

A female employee-related why a particular student would frequently refuse to go to school and, after being dropped there, would frequently go to the toilet and yell and scream.  Then, she went to the restroom and dragged the kid out who was screaming at the top of his lungs.

“We were satisfied that Ms. Culver’s behavior constituted the misconduct of a serious character which fell far short of the norms required of the profession,” the panel stated in its conclusion.

“It is not acceptable for a teacher to use excessive physical force or inappropriate physical intervention, nor is it allowed to drag, pull, or hold students off the ground.

The panel was aware that Ms. Culver might have been the students’ first teacher, and that they might view her behavior as typical as a result. As a result, they might be less inclined to report it to the school or their parents than an older student.”

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