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Doctors have the legal authority to withdraw life-sustaining treatment from brain-damaged patients. Archie Battersbee, appeals court rules

Archie Battersbee, a 12-year-old kid, has suffered a “catastrophic” brain injury, and the hospital has denied his request to keep him on -support therapy.

Three justices hearing at the Appeal Court in central London determined on Monday that it is legal to withdraw the life support treatment of a brain-dead patient. Since Archie Battersbee’s parents requested the court that they want their child to die naturally.

The decision, however, does not lead to the demise of a legal battle to prevent doctors at the Royal London Hospital in east London from terminating their child’s intensive care treatment.

The appellate court magistrates delayed their ruling for two days, before 2 p.m., to allow Archie’s parents to seek an interim remedy from the European Court of Human Rights.

Furthermore, Edward representing the parents, stated that, notwithstanding the appealing court and the supreme court, they were considering going to the top court for a new session based on “new evidence.” He testified at trial that they saw their son. He is connected to a ventilator and seeks to take unaided breaths.

Archie suffered a traumatic brain injury around three months ago while, as per his mom, he suffocated during participating in the “blackout challenge,” a recent social media craze. McFarlane stated in his decision to deny the right to appeal that, while Dance claimed her son clutched her hand . she then called the doctors. However, they did not believe her.

“While it is most unfortunately right that the medical evidence eventually determined the conclusion of the judge’s best interests judgment,” McFarlane wrote, “he [Hayden] had plainly taken full account of the countervailing circumstances.”

“Those factors, particularly Archie’s wishes, feelings, and religious beliefs, were insufficient to avoid a finding that the continuation of life-sustaining treatment was no longer in the best interests of this moribund child who is weeks away from death due to further deterioration and then organ failure followed by heart failure.” Consent can only be provided for medical treatment if it is in the patient’s best interests.”

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