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13News found most tampon providers in our immediate area had tampons available for pickup or delivery, but expect to pay a lot more if you buy off Amazon.

INDIANAPOLIS — First, it was baby formula. Now, our ability to get ahold of tampons is taking a hit. 

Customers across the country are reporting tampons have become increasingly hard to find in stores, or found prices are extremely marked up. 

In a statement to 13News, a spokesperson with the retailer Walgreens said they had been experiencing some “temporary, brand-specific tampon shortages in certain geographies.” 

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As Proctor & Gamble, the producer of Tampax, vows to ramp up production, that doesn’t help if you need tampons immediately. We noticed some tampon brands at four major retailers – Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart – were unavailable for pickup in a few locations, according to their websites. 

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13News then checked the online stores of those four major retailers to get an idea of where tampons were available in our local area, and how much it would cost to get delivered.  

We found, at most store locationsin Indianapolis, you can still pick up tampons or have them sent out for delivery. Some stores have more supply than others. 

Walmart’s website says the majority of tampon brands were in stock and available for pickup at the Indianapolis Supercenter. Prices range from $7-$11 plus tax, if you want to pick up. 

The average cost of tampons is a little over $6 plus tax, so Walmart’s online prices are on par with regular prices. 

At Target, online costs ranged from $7.49 to $9.47. However, there were slightly fewer options for in-store pickups than Walmart. Delivery costs $6.99. 

At CVS, you’ll likely have to pay a little more online. 

If I wanted to buy a box of Tampax Pearls today, June 15, I could expect to pay $10.78, plus $5 for shipping. 

In-store pick-up was not an option for many brands on the CVS site, and multiple Tampax products were not available for pickup.

Walgreens had the highest number of products that were out of stock and could not be shipped. Prices ranged from $6 to $11 on that site. 

On Amazon though, prices are significantly steeper. 

Our quick search found one 96-count box of Tampax Pearls will set you back more than $35 dollars. A 36-count box will cost $17. 

A box of U By Kotex tampons would costs $59.94, not including shipping.

You’ll note the price of those products could be larger because the packs are bigger, but even the regular packs of tampons on Amazon cost anywhere from $23 to $36. 

However, Amazon does offer some options for reusable products. If you’re looking for more permanent options, menstrual cups or period underwear may help mitigate some of those recurring costs. 

Most cups run between $12 and $32 dollars on Amazon, while underwear costs around $35.

*Editor’s note: We put the 46204 zip code dialed into the online widgets for each retailer’s app. Tampon availability and price could vary depending on your area!  

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