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The Socorro, New Mexico, police did all possible to assure Crystal Houston Calderella’s safe return, aged 24. However, the investigation was changed into a homicide investigation when her death was discovered a few days later. The horrible murder of Crystal is described in the Investigation Discovery documentary “Murder Comes to Town: Tragedy Comes in Pairs,” which also shows how the police investigation led to the suspect’s arrest. If you are interested in this case and want to know where Crystal’s murderer is right now, we have information for you.

What was the cause of death for Crystal Houston Caderella?

Crystal Houston Calderella was only 24 years old when she passed away. According to many who knew her, the single mother was a vibrant and generous person who never hesitated to provide a helping hand. She was also fairly sociable and always extended a warm welcome to guests. In addition, the show alluded to Crystal’s lofty expectations for the future, which were destroyed when a tragic event ended and permanently altered her life. The detectives felt Crystal had been sexually molested since she was nude, with her underwear and sweatpants wrapped around her thighs and her sweatshirt pulled over her head. Even though the initial autopsy confirmed rape, it was unable to determine the cause of death. This is an interesting fact. A second autopsy later proved Crystal’s death was caused by strangling.

Who was responsible for the death of Crystal Houston Calderella?

Sadly, because there were no witnesses and few leads, the original investigation into Crystal’s murder moved at a snail’s pace. They began looking for witnesses in the area surrounding Crystal’s mobile home, even interviewing some of the victim’s friends, but to no avail. People who knew Crystal had no idea why someone would harm her, and investigators were in a predicament because there were no obvious explanations.

Where is Ramon Lopez Currently

Before her remains were discovered on April 15, 2001, Crystal had been missing for several days. The moment she was discovered in her mobile home, the police assumed she had been murdered. The girl appeared to have been violently abused at first glance due to the numerous bruises and marks on her body and neck. It is intriguing that authorities obtained foreign DNA samples from the victim’s body but found nothing. Consequently, the lawsuit made little to no progress for several months, despite the fact that Crystal’s family never stopped seeking justice. According to the show, a witness named Greg Romero claimed to have witnessed Ramon Lopez strangling and killing Crystal. This appeared to be a major advance for law enforcement.

Where is Ramon Lopez Currently?

Ramon Lopez appeared in court and was charged with kidnapping, rape, murder, unauthorised use of a motor vehicle, and tampering with evidence. In 2007, he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Crystal, as well as an additional 19.5 years for a second-degree murder conviction and an auto theft charge. In addition, each of the five charges for Crystal’s murder were extended by eight years owing to the defendant’s previous past. Intriguingly, according to the episode, Ramon Lopez had his sentence reduced to 15 years in 2012 and was subsequently released on parole in 2015. However, the Investigation Discovery programme reported that shortly after Lopez’s release, he was incarcerated again for a different domestic violence case. He appears to be absent from prison records at this time, although his parolee status indicates that he remains a New Mexico resident.

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