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In February 2000, the death of Stephanie Houston, the eldest daughter, in Belen, New Mexico, shook the Houston family. On her way to the hospital in Belen, she was hit and killed by a vehicle. Crystal Houston, Stephanie’s younger sister, was found strangled to death in her trailer around one and a half years after Stephanie’s death. The documentary “Murder Comes To Town: Tragedy Comes in Pairs” by Inquiry Discovery details the tragic murders of the two sisters and illustrates how the inquiry was effectively ended. To learn more, let’s study the mysterious circumstances behind Stephanie Houston’s death.

What caused Stephanie Houston’s death?

Stephanie Houston was well-liked in her community and was described as vibrant and grounded. From the outside, she appeared to have a wonderful life with her 10-year-old son and her long-term partner, Patrick Murillo. People said that Stephanie and Patrick appeared to get along well and that Stephanie was quite generous and willing to assist others. Stephanie also operated a convenience store and aspired for a brighter future. Sadly, a shocking turn of events dashed all of her expectations.

On February 27, 2000, authorities in Belen, New Mexico learned about a supposed vehicle accident on a dark stretch of road. After being struck by a pickup truck, Stephanie was spotted by rescue workers laying injured on the roadway. Thankfully, the victim was still alive, and the police rushed her to a nearby hospital. Nonetheless, she died en route, and the hospital pronounced her dead upon arrival. However, the medical examiner first determined that Stephanie’s death was a homicide.

Who Was Responsible for the Death of Stephanie Houston?

It is significant to note that Stephanie attended Patrick’s band’s February 27, 2000 performance at the Red Carpet Bar. She apparently began dancing with her friend Reuben Chavez, which according to the television program angered Patrick. In actuality, concertgoers said that Patrick became agitated and attacked Reuben before bouncers intervened and pleaded with the guys to behave. The witnesses saw Patrick and Stephanie engage in a violent altercation, notwithstanding Reuben’s assertion that he ran errands after the fight. He continued to reprimand her for her behavior toward Reuben, but Stephanie insisted that their relationship was purely platonic. Even though Reuben did not see Stephanie at the bar that night, he did observe that Patrick’s pickup vehicle was parked on the side of the road within steps of the establishment.

Where Is Patrick Murillo Now Regarding the Stephanie Houston Murder?

Despite the fact that it was difficult to see anything due to the darkness of the road, Reuben asserted that he saw the vehicle lurch forward for around 20 meters before coming to another stop. After noticing something was off, he rushed to the location and spotted Stephanie almost entirely asleep on the road. As soon as he realized that she had been struck by the truck, Reuben called the police immediately.

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