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In our day-to-day life, we see many reality shows in different countries with different themes. One of the most popular FBoy Island shows selecting the selected boys. In this show, three women will select one boy as their partner, and boys are about 24 approx so in 24 there are some decent and loyal ones, some are FBoy. 

Hence, they have to show their talent and impress the girls, and the girls will choose them and can also eliminate who will win and have to choose between the money and the lady as his partner.

Qualities of Asante are described in FBoy Island:

He had so many qualities, but he got eliminated because he did not like or could not talk and have a deep conversation with the lady. Still, he came to this show hoping that he would be able to learn the interaction with the girls and impress them. 

Still, he failed to do so, but he had many other qualities as he said that he enjoys outdoor lifestyles such as swimming and hiking and also likes to sew, design something or paint. But he got eliminated by Tamaris Sepulveda as she was not interested in him.

Current status of Asante Tait’s life:-

After his elimination, we did not get the opportunity to see h as after that, he did not remain so active on social media, and there is news that he was not so much interested in the show because he was dating at the show time also to someone. 

Now he is busy building his career, and if we get any updates, and for sure, you all will get to know about that currently, he had a daily life in Atlanta, Georgia. And his social media also had very few talented works, so we cannot predict much about him.

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