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AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh said the organization would contact all players who attended the 2018 camp to better understand any issues that may have emerged. “Based on the experience documented in Betts’s book, he now believes that players felt forced into remaining silent,” he added in an official statement.

This new book by Eddie Betts, covering the 2018 Adelaide Crows training camp, “is really worrisome and difficult to read,” he added.

For his bravery, Eddie is commended and we are deeply concerned about the prolonged pain that Eddie and his family have been subjected to.” During a physically and emotionally taxing “initiation,” Betts recounted how the information he had shared with a camp counsellor was used against him in front of his teammates. The father-of-five was called a “sh** parent” because he was “raised alone by his mother,” one of the obscenities hurled at him as he “crawled in the dirt.”

The event “traumatised” Betts, who rejoined the Geelong coaching staff after retiring last year, and left him “broken to tears.” Betts. The 350-game veteran alleged that during the same drill, teammates were recruited to verbally insult each other. It’s a shame I’ll have to bear for the rest of my life, he remarked with a sigh. According to Betts, players were not allowed to shower, forced to give up their phones, and were carried blindfolded on a bus that “reeked of off food” with the Richmond theme song playing on repeat. Betts describes the “very disrespectful” misappropriation of First Nations rites and the “careless manner” in which references to sacred Aboriginal terms were “chucked around.” Betts.

After speaking with others, he realized that what he’d been through was “simply f***** up,” and he felt “rightly upset,” as a result.

Following the publication of Eddie Betts’ new book detailing the preseason training camp, the Adelaide Crows issued an apology to the former AFL player.

Eddie Betts, a two-time AFL champion, claims he was insulted and traumatised during a preseason training camp for the Adelaide Crows.

The following is a brief synopsis of the book:

The Boy from Boomerang Crescent, Betts’ autobiography, was released today and includes a chapter on the controversial 2018 Adelaide Crows preseason training camp after a painful loss to Richmond in the 2017 grand final. Betts. After the camp and the subsequent consequences, Betts writes about the worry and fury he felt.

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