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We often cross paths with so many people in our surroundings, but only a few of them are worthy of being called heroes in society. One of the heroes is a Portland swimmer named Kevin, who jumped from the boat to protect a lady who was finding it difficult to swim. 

So this is the task of bravery, but for showing bravery, we need that person. Kevin is missing. It is said that he saved that woman but did not see it on the surface of the water, which could mean that he might find it difficult to save himself, possibly leading to his death, which is so heartbroken and shocking. 

Police are still searching for him, and let us pray that he will be safe because there are rare humans who saved others’ lives.

About the whole case of how he jumped off from boat:- 

Kevin McDowell seemed to be 35 years old from Portland. And reportedly went missing after jumping from the boat to rescue a swimmer who was finding it difficult to swim. 

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office provides this news. Many officials said that Kevin jumped from the boat into the Columbia River, which is near the west end of the lemon island, to help a lady who finds it difficult while swimming. 

Police are continuously trying to get him:- 

After numerous efforts to search for him and find his body, authorities have declared the name of that person who is believed to have drowned in the Columbia River on Sunday. 

Officials find it difficult to search for his body due to limited underwater visibility and strong currents. And On Monday, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office River Patrol Unit performs additional searches for Kevin, but his body is not found yet.

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