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58-year-old Happy Mondays bassist Paul Ryder unexpectedly passed away. Today, just hours before the band was scheduled to perform at the Kubix Festival in Sunderland, a musician was discovered dead. In addition to The Happy Mondays, Paul made cameo appearances in a number of other films, including Losing It. In addition, he appeared in a film about a band. In the movie 24 Hour Party People, he portrayed a criminal. At the age of ten, Paul’s youngest son Chico was diagnosed with cancer; nonetheless, Chico’s sudden loss has sparked a tempest among Paul’s friends and family.

What Caused Shaun Ryder’s Brother Paul Ryder’s Death?

There is no information known regarding Paul’s cause of death. The Happy Mondays, whose successes include Step On and Loose Fit, were formed by Shaun, 59, and Paul, 59. Family members have paid tribute to the legendary Paul and expressed that they will always miss him. According to a memorial put on the page, the band members and family of Paul Ryder are inconsolable over his death, which occurred early this morning. Paul has a history of substance abuse and acknowledged to using heroin at the beginning of the band’s career. He had previously told that we could not provide Calpol to the youngsters. I would consume anything. At age ten, Chico, Paul’s youngest son, hit rock bottom when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was announced that Paul Ryder and the other founding members of Happy Mondays would reunite in January 2012. Happy Mondays are reportedly working on a new album and continue to perform live across the world.

How prosperous was Paul Ryder previous to his death? Monetary worth:

Paul Ryder is one of the wealthiest and most well-known bassists in the world. The popular birthday website estimates Paul Ryder’s net worth to be around $1.5 million. As a global DJ, he has also performed in front of enormous crowds on every continent. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he continues to compose music. He opened for Tom Tom Club in San Francisco and Los Angeles on two North American tour dates in October 2010. His bandmates were Matt Cheadle on guitar, Eddy Gronfier from the French group One-T, and Neo Garcia on drums.

What Caused the Death of Paul Ryder?

It was announced that Paul Ryder and the other founding members of Happy Mondays would reunite in January 2012. Globally, Happy Mondays continue to perform live.

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