Vanessa Virgioni, a devoted mother to her son, was killed in Brampton and mourned. | ICIN

Who is Vanessa Virgioni? And what has happened to her?

Vanessa Virgin  is murdered in a Brampton home on Friday. netizens are mourning her death. She was a loving mom to a baby boy.

Following a call to Peel Provincial Police regarding a dispute, Vanessa Virgioni, 29, was brutally murdered at an Aloma Cr. residence at about 6 a.m. on Friday.

Everyone is mourning for her son  Elijah,  who is left behind.  The innocent baby boy of seven was a dotting son of his mother who left the world. His community set up a GoFund page to help him financially. 

According to a GoFundMe page, “It is with heavy hearts that we call on our relatives, friends, and community to assist support the Virgioni family during this difficult time.

Everyone who knew her could always count on her. Her energy drew you in and her smile illuminated the entire room. We were fortunate to be able to refer to her as our mother, sister, niece, aunt, best friend, and ride or die. Most significantly, she cherished her relationship with Elijah. Elijah was her entire universe and is her “little me,” according to the campaign.

Vanessa Virgioni

There were numerous families in the Peel Region who had experienced the death of a loved one. High crime rates have been present in the neighborhood. Numerous instances of violence have been reported. Women have the greatest recorded rate.

The camp’s donations “will go straight to the Virgioni family and most especially Eli,” according to the statement.

Peel police identified 29-year-old Linval Alfonso Ritchie as the perpetrator shortly after the murder. Police reported that he had been taken into custody and charged with the murder on Sunday. Her ex-boyfriend may have threatened her in the past, according to rumours. The local police have been investigating the whole matter. There is no authentic information revealed by authorities regarding the suspect.

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