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After his debut on Better Call Saul in season 4, Tony Dalton’s Lalo Salamanca has established himself as one of television’s greatest characters. Finally, in episode 8, the two, Gus and Lalo, cross paths, and after a heated exchange, it is Lalo who dies. Lalo has been actively planning his vengeance against Gus since the assassination plot against him, as described in the season 5 final episode.

The epic face-off between Lalo and Salamanca

Lalo has always taken a methodical tactic, traveling to Germany early on in the season to gain knowledge further about Werner Ziegler and the research center Gus had been secretly constructing beneath the Lavandera Brillante launderette. Lalo regained his composure in episode 8 when he conscripted Jimmy and Kim to divert the attention of Mike and the remaining of Gus’ protection team. At the same time, he managed to enter the laundromat.

Gus went to the laundromat himself, sensing that something might be wrong. However, Lalo murdered Gus’s underlings, leaving the pair helpless. The showman, Lalo, videotaped the conference to display Don Eladio, but he wouldn’t be exiting the research facility.

How did Gus hand Lalo his death?

Gus gunned down Lalo Salamanca inside his throat, killing him. Gus placed himself beside an electricity cord dangling through the research facility while offering his trenchant monologue to Lalo. Then after he was done saying, he disrupted the wire, allowing the lamps to turn off and descending the two into shadows.

The reality behind Lalo Salamanca death in BETTER CALL SAUL season 6 finale

Gus dashed around to a vicinity digging, where he had hidden a weapon in an earlier episode, to obtain the gun and shoot at Lalo. The scene concludes with the injured bodies of Lalo and Howard Hamlin, whom Lalo murdered in episode 7, being buried in a burial site dug in the lab’s basement, the very same lab in which Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would prepare meth for Gus in “Breaking Bad’.

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