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Sylvan Scolnick was a fat 650 lbs. person. He was included in many credit card frauds, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, blackmail, and home robbery. Sylvan Scolnick was also known as Cherry Hill Fats as his nickname. Sylvan Scolnick, who weighed 650 pounds, was declaring bankruptcy for fun and profit. 

Who was Sylvan Scolnick? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

He lived in Cherry Hills, New Jersey. Thus he was nicknamed after the place where he lived. He passed away at the age of 46 on 3rd September 1976. He was found dead at night. When he was between 650 to 700 pounds it was revealed that he had committed various crimes. 

He also provided information about different criminals, police caught these people, and later, Sylvan Scolnick gained notoriety. Sylvan Scolnick was sent five years to jail in Lewisburg. After the bankruptcy in 1966. He was also sent to jail in 1970, where he was locked up for three and eight months.

He was small in height and an artist working from a Fort Lauderdale office. He had a bank that was only chartered, but it was never established. Thus, this was a fake bank used to take away money from the people who deposited it into his bank. His bank was situated on the channel island. They had a room over a gas station, which was operated until it was found.

Some Interesting Cases about Him-

He has cheated many people from the age of 37 years. In 1995 he pretended to be a Blockbuster executive to obtain 262 free Super Bowl tickets, which he did successfully. After getting this ticket, he sold it to the people and collected money from them.  

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