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A man was shot in the face on Mother’s Day, then went inside his home to get his own gun and shoot back.

FORTVILLE, Ind. — Police in Fortville are still searching for a gunman who opened fire in a neighborhood on Mother’s Day and led police on a two-county chase.

The chaos was captured on Adam Strahan’s home security cameras. A gun battle in broad daylight, a neighbor shot in the face, suspect still on the loose, all causing fear in Fortville.

“Neighbors are worried,” Strahan said. “There’s people that moved in just a week or two ago.”

Strahan was mulching his yard on Mother’s Day when the shootout happened right down the street.

He said he heard yelling, then gunfire.

“As soon as I looked up, there was a gunshot and I see the victim stumble and run towards his house and start screaming,” Strahan said.

Investigators say when the gold or gray Honda Civic with temporary plates pulled up to the house on Thomas Point Drive, the driver got out and shot a man in the face. Then, the critically injured victim went in his house, grabbed his own gun and shot back.

“You just see the victim approach the vehicle and he’s shot and he takes off running,” Strahan said of the video. “I mean there’s probably 12-14 rounds that were exchanged between the two of them.”

New video of a shootout Sunday in a Fortville neighborhood.
Security cameras captured the gunfire.
The suspect who drove up in a gold or gray Honda Civic and shot a man in the face is still on the loose.

Posted by Jennie Runevitch on Monday, May 9, 2022

All of it happened right next to the newly constructed subdivision’s playground.

“Luckily, there weren’t any kids outside. It’s a neighborhood full of a lot of kids. Luckily, my neighbor’s house wasn’t occupied by anyone at the time. He has kids that live there as well and they weren’t there,” Strahan said.

Also lucky was Strahan himself.

When the shooting started, he hid against his neighbor’s house, only later discovering one of the bullets hit a window just a few yards away.

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Police are still searching for the suspect in the case. They say he led officers on a chase through Hancock and Marion counties. Police had to call off the pursuit in Lawrence for safety reasons.

Now neighbors, on edge about the violence, are hoping for justice and a return to peace in their neighborhood.

“People in Fortville are very scared right now and there’s that trust in a community that when something like this happens, it shatters it,” Strahan said.

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