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Dr Mehmet Oz is one of the most experienced surgeons, and the news about his death is spreading. So here is about who he was and how he died. 

Who is Dr Mehmet Oz? 

Dr Mehmet Oz was born in 1960 on 11th June and is currently 62 years old. He is a Turkish personality who is very experienced and educated. He has also appeared in many television shows, including surgeon Oz, Fox and friends. 

He is also a College lecturer, retired physician and surgeon. Dr Mehmet is the author of Republicans political contender. Also, in 2022, Dr. Mehmet will be a candidate for the United States in Pennsylvania. There is no more information available about him regarding his family and education. 

Dr Mehmet Oz Death

Did Dr Mehmet Oz die? 

The Turkish American personality Dr Mehmet is alive. The rumors about his death are all fake. According to the sources, Dr Mehmet is alive. 

The fake news about his death through gunshot and other reasons are untrue. Nowadays, people are spreading all such information on social media only to create hype that can lead to a big scam.

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