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Know about the murder of Steven John Davies

Steven John Davies is 39 years old and died because of a stabbing near his house in South Wales. All the members are very sad about the loss of their beloved family member. 

They all are paying tribute to this great, kind soul. According to them, he is very funny and kind. And police arrested one woman because they thought that she had murdered him. 

Due to a post-mortem On Wednesday, we learned that he died from a stab wound. He was found on Garth Avenue, Glyncoch, by his neighbor on Wednesday at 11 am, but when he checked him, he was already dead. 

Women arrested on suspicion of his murder:

Police told all of us that they had arrested one woman. The age of the woman is 34 years, and they doubt her that she had murdered him. And the police are continuously investigating this woman. The woman is in custody. Police are expecting the murder takes place in the Pontypridd area.  

A tribute was given to Steven John Davies by family members:

His sister’s name is Adrianne. She is so attached to his brother, which is a very difficult time for her. She is very heartbreaking. She wrote in the tribute to his brother that his brother is handsome, kind, funny and loving, and he is a good brother. 

She said she loved him and wanted to call him so that Steven would come and this bad dream would end. Another sister Michele said she was very sad to share the news of the death of his brother Steven. 

She said she would never get a chance now to listen to him; she wanted him to be his big sister. She continued by saying that at least he is with their dad.

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