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We have often heard that people nowadays buy guns for many purposes. There could be any reason, and when we have to buy a gun, we have to tell them, and they register why we are buying it. 

So many people buy guns for self-protection, but many people buy guns for crime purposes, so they tell a lie. Sheldon Avery Thomas does the same thing. He gives different reasons while purchasing the gun; most people sell a gun to somebody randomly without knowing the reason. Sometimes they give guns intentionally because they can be a part of it. 

Details about the incident of how the criminal killed the officer:-

First, Sheldon Avery Thomas bought the gun and told different reasons for buying it. After some time, he sold his gun to his friend for 50 dollars and this information was given to the police, after which his friend might have planned something to kill the police officer. 

He did not purchase this gun directly because he might be afraid of getting caught, but he did not know that now also he would be caught, after which he killed the police officer.

Personal details about Sheldon Avery Thomas:-

When we talk about his birth date, he is 26 years old, and he is currently accused of giving a gun to a criminal who killed one police officer, and he gave a gun to 19-year-old Ehmani Davis. 

Sheldon Avery Thomas gives the gun to a criminal.

Thomas can be charged for upto five years in jail because he may engage in this crime, and everyone thinks he may have bought this gun for his friend. Still, a mother is a mother. She told the courts that his son was very innocent and had not done anything and started his business.

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