Relatives paid contributions to the father of four who were killed in a van crash. | ICIN

Lee Pemberton was the age of 44-year-old. Lee Pemberton lived in the Rhos area of Wrexham. The family members of Mr Pemberton have contributed to him as well as complimenting him as a gentleman who was not only ‘extremely kind’ but also ‘always full of energy’.

After confirmation, North Wales Police declared that Lee Pemberton was the sufferer of a horrific crash taken near the location of Whitchurch on the Sunday evening that was on the 12th of June, 2022.

What were the relatives of Lee Pemberton expressing?

One of the family members said that Lee Pemberton was the son of Paul and Karen. And in siblings, Lee Pemberton had one brother and two sisters, and all of them belonged from the area of Wrexham.

Gemma, one of his sisters and Lee Pemberton loved spending time together and have made beautiful precious memories as a family member. Lee Pemberton was one of the extremely kind, generous, and always found with full energy. 

His dedication was to spend much of his time with their relatives and friends. As Lee Pemberton was a helping nature man, he always kept busy by helping others before himself. Lee Pemberton was a good-hearted man.

Where did Lee Pemberton work?

Lee Pemberton was interned as a construction employee, where he traveled all over the country to work on different kinds of projects. Lee Pemberton would frequently spend his week working only, but still, as a caring person, he always returned to his family on his free weekends. 

Officers continue to request evidence related to the collision, which happened before the time of 6 p.m. on the A525 near its junction with the A539 for Hanmer.

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