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After curing Elizabeth, Pharma gets the attention of everyone in the town, but alongside attention, he also faces the snoopy eyes of people like Veron.

Anime Parallel World Pharmacy is also called Isekai Yakkyoku, and buzz about its fifth episode has started. This article tells you everything you need to know about it!

What happened in the previous episode of Parallel World Pharmacy?

In the anime episode, when the empress and Imperial Charter, Elizabeth, gets well after receiving treatment from Pharma, the entire incident is regarded as a miracle. But Bruno claims that Pharma’s knowledge may be deemed heresy, and someone might have purposely caused an infection to Elizabeth.

A pager from Elizabeth’s courts tells Pharma that the empress wants to reward him; Pharma then wishes for a pharmacy where he can treat elites and commoners. Elizabeth still questions her health, but Pharma assures her that she is ready to rule.

It takes Elizabeth a few months to recover fully, and Pharma becomes the Royal Pharmacist; the pharmacy is designed in the capital and is accidentally named the Parallel World Pharmacy.

The head of Guild Pharmacy, Veron, wishes to take down Pharma because his medicines are available at cheaper rates, but Eleonore scares him away to avoid any trouble.

When are the release date and time of episode 5?

The fifth episode of Parallel World Pharmacy, ‘Daily Life at Parallel World Pharmacy and cosmetics,’ is ready for weekly release on August 7 in Japan.

It releases at 9.30 pm JST in Japan. In the pacific time, it will release at 6.30 am; in Central time, it will release at 8.30 am; in eastern time, it will release at 9.30 am; in UK time, it will release at 2.30 pm

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