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Nowadays, child abuse is at its peak as parents are abusing and torturing their children, which kills their children. One question always arises: if they do not like children, then why do they plan? What is the point of torturing such a newborn in fact? How can one person kill their child? 

This is so ridiculous to hear. There are a lot of cases in which parents abuse a child, which damages some part of the newborn baby, or sometimes they abuse them in such a bad way that they lose their life.

Nicholas Stephenson and Diandra Fuhr-Farlow’s actions:-

They perform shameless actions as a parent, leading to a child’s death. She is just two months old and had to lose her life due to her parent’s actions. They both are a North Carolina couple who are now charged with the deaths of their own two months old daughter. 

And the name of their daughter is Riley. And on Tuesday, they are served with their true place, which is an arrest warrant. One warrant said they neglectfully and intentionally left their daughter in a very bad injured condition, leading to her death.

Courts’ actions against these careless parents:-

Geoff Sidoli with Mountain Child Advocacy Center said that almost 70 % of the time, when a small child dies from homicide, it’s because of their parents as they intentionally or unintentionally hurt their child .they further added that child abuse is at its peak. 

The second arrest warrant described that they intentionally killed their daughter because the two-month-old child had multiple burns and broken bones. Now the courts ordered that they both would remain in jail. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday. Let us hope the parents’ will remain in custody and the child may get peace.

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