Donald Trump released the stopper from the bottle of violence

It’s up to the voters to stand up to Trump, Lee, Stewart and Owens.

(Jacquelyn Martin | AP photo) In this stock photo from January 6, 2021, President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally in Washington.

“Biden is destroying the country and we must use force to take back the country.” Unfortunately, that is too much these days.

From where I sit, I do not see the destruction of the land coming from the White House. Instead, the people who are determined to destroy the country are the ones who advocate the use of force if the elections do not go their way.

Why are these people who say that violence is justified to take back the land of timber now that they have been subdued over the previous 30 years? Who put the stopper out of the bottle so that those who defend, commit and plan violence are so noisy now? It is Donald Trump, and more importantly, those who refuse to convict him.

From 1993 to 2001, the nation survived Bill Clinton’s presidency. When he was elected and re-elected, there were no serious calls to turn the votes. George Bush and Bob Dole accepted the election results. When the nation elected its first black president in 2008 and re-elected him in 2016, there were no serious allegations of widespread fraud that would steal both elections.

John McCain and Mitt Romney have not instigated the uprising and continue to promote untruths about the vote. what has changed? Just one thing, the arrival of Donald Trump. Recall that in 2016, before the election went according to his ideas, candidate Trump said that the election was rigged. Even after he was elected, Trump’s ego demanded that he say he would win the popular vote without the electoral fraud. Trump laid the groundwork for the January 6 uprising.

The cork must return to the bottle. Liz Cheney, a conservative Republican, is right. You cannot support and defend the constitution and support and defend Trump. But one thing is certain; Donald Trump will never change. He will go to the grave to whine about the results of the elections in 2020. The pathologists who continue to worship him will not change either. Utah Senator Mike Lee and Deputies Chris Stewart and Burgess Owens have yet to distance themselves from Trump as Senator Mitt Romney, MP Adam Kinzinger and other Republicans with courage and myopia.

So who will return the cork? You do.

I’m not writing a percentage of people who will blindly support Trump just because he’s a Republican, a white man, an abortionist and a pro-gun, those whose thinking can’t go beyond one or even more of those problems. I ask those who agree with Trump on one or more issues, but who are sensitive enough to realize that, at present, each of these factors lags behind the preservation of our constitution, to act.

There are so many reasons why Trump is not a worthy presidential candidate, but 70 million voters have ignored them and voted for him. But that was before January 6 last year. Now there is a compelling reason, which he proved then and still doubles now, that he is nothing but an egoist who longs for power, who prioritizes his pride over the welfare of the country.

So how do we put the cork back when Trump doesn’t change? Exercise your right to vote and remove Lee, Stewart and Owens from office. Without them and others like them, Trump is nothing but a disgraced former president. With them, it is a danger to our country.

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Stewart Walz, February 27, 2018.

Stewart Walz has been practicing law for more than 41 years and is committed to the rule of law.


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