The Saudi princess is released, but the other kings are still imprisoned

After his removal, Mohammed bin Nayef was placed under house arrest until March 2020, when he was arrested and detained.

At the beginning of his detention, Mohammed bin Nayef was held in solitary confinement, deprived of his sleep and suspended upside down by his ankles, according to two people who were informed of his situation and who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the problem. .

Last autumn, he was transferred to a villa inside the complex surrounding the Al-Yamamah Royal Palace in Riyadh, the capital where he remains, people said.

Mohammed bin Nayef is being held alone without television or other electronic devices and receives only limited visits from his family, people said. He seems to have suffered permanent ankle damage from the treatment in custody and cannot walk without a cane.

The government did not file formal charges against him or explain why he was detained.

A spokesman for the Saudi embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for comments about Princess Basmah or Muhammad bin Nayef.

Princess Basmah, 58, who was released last week with her daughter, Mrs. al-Sharif, has never held a government position or had any power. King Saud’s youngest daughter, the second king of Saudi Arabia, Princess Basmah spent most of her time in London and was best known for occasionally offering views on Saudi Arabia to the news media, which was rare for members of the royal family, especially women.

She criticized the legal system of the kingdom, which is based on Sharia law, and called on the country to adopt a constitution that would protect citizens’ rights as a statement for which it faced no consequences.


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