Capsule Wardrobe: A Guide to Shrinking the Wardrobe

If you are only marginally interested in fashion, you have probably heard about what is called a capsule wardrobe. In its most basic definition, a capsule closet is an interchangeable set of basic clothespins that you can combine to create an (almost) endless supply of clothes. The advantage, of course, is that you have a pre-selected batch of outfits to choose from, so getting ready for work in the morning is a breeze. (You are also less likely to shop impulsively if you can’t come up with more than a few ways to incorporate it into your existing capsule closet.)

“A capsule closet makes you think more effectively about your personal style,” says Aemilia Madden, a fashion writer and consultant. “Choose pieces that not only make dressing easier, but better reflect what fashion and dressing mean to you.”


And stylist Kathryn Typaldos, who lives in Los Angeles, agrees: “Having the appearance of a uniform – which the capsule cabinet really is – alleviates any stress associated with choosing clothes from the beginning,” he says. “Plus, because you’re using a classic base, the right capsule closet should look timeless.” However, this does not mean the same for everyone, especially based on your job. “You can use your own means to refine and subvert these basics as a way of expressing yourself.”

But how do you start building a capsule closet for work? Well, start with the basics. According to Typaldos, this can include pieces like great-fitting pants, perfect white button fastening, a blazer, a classic heel and boots, among a few other pieces that are more climate-controlled and a dress code. In addition to adapting your capsule closet to your office culture, “the capsule closet should also be interpreted through a coastal lens,” he says. “If you’re in a colder climate, sturdy shoes with soles can replace sneakers – and if you’re in a warmer climate, you can probably drop a turtleneck in favor of a great sweater with a neckline.”

“Play with the idea of ​​cut and silhouette, dress things up and down, but when you have these elemental pieces for the winter, you can carry them from season to season,” says Typaldos. While this is not an exhaustive list of pieces, they are definitely the most basic parts of a capsule wardrobe for women.

Mango straight pants with a high waist

The perfect pair of pants is subjective, but if they are well tailored and you feel confident, that’s all that matters.

Shirts Anine Bing Mika

Wear it tucked into pants or jeans or as a great piece of layering when it cools down.

Velvet Ember dress

Instead of a traditional sleeveless dress, lean on your own style with fun sweaters in neutral shades like this forest green style.

Nilah Oversized Blazer

Although you can opt for black or navy, a light blazer is a great piece for layering. Oversized cut looks modern and timeless at the same time.

Afens Organic Denim Straight Leg Jean

“These relaxed black jeans are the basis of many great winter outfits,” says Madden. “They are easily styled with boots, they can be dressed by adding a blouse, but they can also be dressed with a sweatshirt and sneakers. I prefer high height with legroom ”

Air Scoop-Neck T-shirt

The idea of ​​a “perfect white T-shirt” can vary from person to person, but this Everlane neckerchief is a real crowd.

Motorcycle Jacket Veda Canal Boxes Cropped

The slim fit Veda leather jacket is a cult favorite among fashion insiders.

Bootie Kaye Block on VINCE heel

Reviewers say this shoe is one of the most versatile they have ever owned. “This shoe is comfortable after unpacking,” says one of them. “Heel height is perfect. They are amazing heights for shorts, but they also look beautiful in dresses. ”Still sold?

Nike Air Force 1

“For the winter, I tend to use leather sneakers with thicker soles to protect my feet,” says Madden. “Air Force 1s are a great example of boots that are simple but hit everything on the checklist.” If they’re too casual in the office, keep them under the desk when it’s time to leave.

Asymmetric Mango stiletto shoes

Heels are not necessary for everyone, but if you feel comfortable working for them, choose one that suits everything like this asymmetrical stiletto heel.

For men, the capsule cabinet is a similar kind of formula that depends on location and personality type, but the capsule cabinet for men is still a smart idea, says Typaldos. “Capsules can be tailored to him – we all have different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find out what silhouettes work.”

Mango Slim Fit wool jacket

A slim fit blazer in navy or charcoal color is essential for anyone with a more formal office dress code.

Dickies UO Exclusive Cotton Cutoff 874 work trousers

“And depending on his figure and style, he should also have non-denim pants that can replace casual pants,” he adds.

H&M White Crewneck ($ 6.99;

H&M White Crewneck

The white t-shirt is such a base of a wardrobe that Typaldos recommends finding a cut that you like and buying it in bulk.

Jeans Acne Studios North Stay Slim Fit

“Every man needs perfect denim, whether in blue or black,” says Typaldos. If you work from home or in a more informal office, feel free to choose blue. Otherwise, black denim is versatile enough for work and play.

J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck sweater

A simple sweater with a neckline will be ideal for layering.

Theory Kylan Precision Tech Half-Zip Jacket

This piece is so dependent on dress codes and personal style, says Typaldos. You can either use a cool, investment piece like peacoat, or opt for something more normcore like a half zip coat or a denim coat.

Faherty recycled fleece shirt jacket

In winter, a jacket, or hybrid shirt / jacket, is a great way to layer.

Men's classic 574 Low Balance sneakers

Simple sneakers with an athletic cut balance most casual outfits for work from home.

UGG Hillmont Chelsea shoes

Depending on the type of personality and seasonality, a pair of all-weather shoes is a must. They look as great in a suit as in jeans.


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