Former NFL running back sentenced to prison for fraud

Former NFL runner Clinton Portis was sentenced to six months in federal imprisonment and six months in house arrest on Thursday after he pleaded guilty to a medical fraud in September, part of a scheme involving more than a dozen former NFL players.

Portis, 40, signed an agreement on guilt and punishment just days after the end of his criminal proceedings in the U.S. District Court in Kentucky, in which the jury failed to agree on a verdict.

As part of its guilt and punishment agreement, Portis has confessed to participating in a nationwide system in which former NFL players have filed fraudulent reimbursement claims with the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan, which allows former players to seek out health care funds from their own pockets. . care that is not covered by the insurance company.

Portis, who played nine seasons in the NFL between 2002 and 2010, goes to jail in March.

Clinton Portis, shown during the match on September 27, 2009 with Washington.

According to court records, Portis allowed Robert McCune, a former NFL linebacker, to file claims for oxygen chamber and cryosaun on his behalf. Portis received $ 99,264 from the NFL plan, but never bought the equipment.

“Portis knew that the claims made by McCune on his behalf were false and fraudulent, or was aware of the high probability that the claims made by McCune on his behalf were false and fraudulent, and deliberately ignored this fact.” stipulated in the agreement on guilt and punishment.

He was fined a maximum of 10 years for his crime.

ESPN said the Department of Justice demanded a sentence at the upper end of the federal sentencing guidelines of 10 to 16 months, and said in a preliminary ruling on Thursday that it required a longer sentence because Portis continued to deny guilt until facing a new trial. after the jury. The filing also noted that Portis did not return the money to the plan until shortly before the verdict.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Portis’s defense team urged U.S. District Judge Karen Caldwell to follow some of her previous decisions in the case and sentenced Portis to serving a sentence, as she did with Joe Horn, a former All-Pro New Orleans Saints receiver who was in convicted in November.

Portis was selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the NFL draft in 2002 and was named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year at the end of the season. In 2003 he was appointed to the Pro Bowl with the Broncos, but in the offseason he was traded to Washington. Portis spent another seven seasons with the Washington football team, returning to Pro Bowl in 2008. He hurried 9,923 yards and 75 touchdowns and added 2,018 reception yards and five touchdowns during his career.


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