Motley Fool Issues Rare notice “Home Run Buy”.

Investing January 15, 2022

Author: Eric Bleeker

As a longtime technology stock analyst at The Motley Fool, I wake up every day and get the opportunity to help ordinary people like you identify and profit from some of the world’s most promising investment opportunities.

It’s hard to believe, but in 2022, 29 years will pass since The Motley Fool was founded by these two brothers, David and Tom Gardner.

It’s really amazing that Tom and David have been able to come out of the shed behind David’s house since publishing an investment newsletter for 300 or so customers…

Serve millions of hard-working investors like you, worldwide, from offices in remote countries such as Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan.

David and Tom put together a good run. And because I have the luxury of working with them, I know what they are most proud of is their ability to consistently lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns the market has ever seen. Of course, I’m talking about companies like:

  • Amazon (up 20 960%)
  • Netflix (up to 27 900%)
  • Nvidia (up to 6,779 th most common%)
  • Baidu (up 1,729 th most common%)
  • (up to 3,217 th most common%)

These are real investment recommendations we’ve shared with The Motley Fool over the years – and the list goes on!

These incredible returns show the importance of buying and holding great companies – a guiding principle here at The Motley Fool.

And that’s why I’m writing it today.

Because this record, combined with a historically very profitable stock buy signal, can forever change the way you invest.

And that buying signal is flashing right now.

You see, twice a month, a team of analysts at The Motley Fool researches brand new stocks and recommends them to members.

And as you’ve seen, these tips can lead to life-changing benefits.

However, from time to time we come across stocks so good … we just have to double them.

Many of us in the office have started calling this re-recommendation “Home Run Buy”.

And one stock in particular is simply begging for further recommendations.

But this swing to access the fences … this is not a shot in the dark.

Some last bet at the poker table.

This investment trick is straight from the handbook of one of the biggest investors of all time: Peter Lynch.

“Selling your winners and keeping your losers is like cutting flowers and watering weeds,” – Peter Lynch

Here at The Motley Fool we use the same approach – join your winners. And this is not an everyday phenomenon.

But 96 times it happened, the results were spectacular:

  • Netflix is ​​running 18,339 th most common% since the “Home Run Buy” signal flashed in June 2007.
  • Tesla, which received the “Home Run Buy” designation in November 2012, is up 16 099% since.

In fact, across 96 stocks with this complete conviction … the average yield is a staggering 693%… crushing of the S&P 500 almost 5 times!

Of course, we would never describe any stock as a “certain thing,” but the details of this small Internet company are impressive:

  • Is smaller than 1/100 Google size.
  • Each of our recommendations crushes the market.
  • Its young CEO has invested $ 575 million in the stock since his IPO.

The company makes money as more and more people abandon television streaming cables. And in fact, we believe that the company’s key technology could be the last nail in a coffin for a traditional cable.

Now it’s no competitor to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, as you might expect. Instead, the company sits in the middle of an advertising market that is more than 10 times larger than the online streaming industry.

In an interview with Tom Gardner and his team, the company’s CEO described the current moment as “the most exciting in the history of advertising.”

Of course, any CEO could say that simply to create hype and move the company’s stock price higher … but that CEO puts his money where it belongs.

He bets his fortune – exactly $ 575,715,640 – on what he calls the “time bomb” of cable television.

And here’s the real digger…

Despite the company’s overwhelming success in the last few years, most investors have never heard of the company!

That’s true, while everyone on CNBC and The Wall Street Journal is busy talking about blue-chip stocks like Apple and Facebook, this significantly smaller (but faster-growing!) Company is flying almost entirely under the radar.

And while most investors have been busy pouring more money into these well-known technology stocks alone, we’re doing what the world’s biggest investors are doing – you are looking for NEXT stocks that could yield returns of 1,000,000, + 2,000% or even + 5,000%.

That’s why we pounded on the table over this “Home Run Buy” stock that I started telling you today – we urge members of The Motley Fool investment community to buy the shares before they potentially skyrocket.

Look, I understand that all this may sound too good to be true, but Home Run Buy stock returns were just too good to ignore – and there’s no guarantee that the investing world will ever see it again. that this buy signal flashes again.

That’s exactly why I want to show you the hard numbers behind this incredible stock and invite you to learn more about this strategy directly from our team of analysts – so you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy stocks for this quick buy. growing company for your portfolio.

It has only one catch:

I only share details with members of The Motley Fool’s investment services flagship, Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Now if you are unfamiliar with Motley Fool Stock Advisor It is an award-winning online investment service designed to provide easy-to-follow monthly stock recommendations to individual investors.

That is right! Every month, more than 1 million investors tune in to see which stocks we believe investors should buy today’s stocks.

So because of the urgency of this recent development, we’ve put together a carefully researched report that will show you why this one stock could be a “Home Run Buy”.

It reveals the reasons why we think every prospective investor should pay close attention to this revolutionary new industry and what can potentially be a life-changing investment opportunity.

This report is free for you when you sign up Warehouse consultant today.

Simply enter your email address below to find out about this one “Home Run Buy” stock that we think you need in your portfolio.

The “Ultimate Buy” return is as of November 12, 2021. 96 stock occurrences apply to all recurring recommendations in the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. All other revenues are updated during market hours.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a board member of The Motley Fool. Eric Bleeker owns shares of Amazon and NVIDIA. The Motley Fool owns shares in Amazon, Baidu, Netflix, NVIDIA, and Tesla. Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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