The Red Rocks’ self-confidence dominates the win over 3rd Oklahoma at home

Utah’s Sydney Soloski receives congratulations from her teammates on her routine on the floor during a gymnastics meeting with Oklahoma at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City on Friday, January 14, 2022. (Spenser Heaps, Deseret News)

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SALT LAKE CITY – Red Rocks Cammy Hall No. 4, who entered her high-profile regular season match against No. 3 in Oklahoma on Friday, said, “I think it’s definitely going to be a match you don’t want to miss.”

And for the 10,804 fans at the Huntsman Center and many others who watched live on ESPN2, Friday night’s Utah performance was a decent show – and one fan didn’t want to miss it.

From start to finish, the Red Rocks did not let themselves be discouraged and made it to the start of the season over the visiting Sooners. Utah finished with a score of 197,775, the highest score recorded in the country this season, beating Michigan’s previous maximum of 197,750.

Oklahoma completed a road encounter with 196,650 after a rough second half night after several floor errors occurred and two gymnasts fell off the balance to seal the victory for the Red Rocks.

“One thing we talked about a lot was the calm but confident nature during the warm-up and then the same throughout the match,” said Utah coach Tom Farden. “It was really exciting to be back in Huntsman with some fans. I can feel the energy, the athletes are feeding on it and we’ve been building all night.”

“We want to compete with teams that knocked on the door of national championships – Oklahoma is an incredible, well-trained team and it’s an incredible team. You could see talent at the first few events. Just a barnburner. But for us, it means for our program that you get it we have to leave – it is the next step in this process. “

On her Huntsman Center debut, Olympian Grace McCallum won the 39,675 multiplayer battle, beating Jordan Bowers of Oklahoma (39,550) and Audrey Davis (39,375) in a confident and dominant first-place performance. McCallum ended the night in a strong way with a score of 9,975 on the dance floor – the last event of the evening for the Red Rocks.

McCallum’s overall score also leads the nation, beating Natalie Wojcik of Michigan by 39,650.

“Grace came to play and you can see it last week,” Farden said, extending his contract to stay in Utah until 2026 on Thursday. . “

Farden said the coaches had made some adjustments with her within a week of winning the Best of Utah program a week ago, and it was a “quick study” of how well McCallum was able to take the advice and put it together in a highly profiled environment. .

And just as the team finished in third place in 2021, the Red Rocks finished the night convincingly on the beam and floor, recording the highest events of 49,475 and 49,500, respectively. But it was a much improved safe and bars that eventually led to Utah’s dominant domestic victory.

The Red Rocks started the night on the vault, weakness area in 2021, and set the tone with a score of 49.450 behind the lead score of 9.80 from Jillian Hoffman and an instant jump to second place by Hall score of 9.90. Lucy Stanhope added a score of 9,925 in third place, followed by 9,850 Jaedyn Rucker and 9,875 Alexie Burch.

McCallum closed the event with a jammed landing and a score of 9.90, which gave Utah an early draw with the Sooners – a strong sign that the night was in favor of the Red Rocks, and a visual indication of how much Utah had improved over the previous season. .

The Red Rocks stretched by the thinnest difference (98,800-98,775) in the second rotation after having only one gymnast, rookie Sage Thompson, who scored over 9.90. Thompson scored 9,925 in second place, leading Utah to a team score of 49,350.

But in the second spin after Oklahoma, in which they competed in the jump, cracks began to show for the Sooners, who were forced to score 9,775 after Allie Stern recorded a team low of 9,725. Sooners never managed to bounce back, because the Red Rocks were just getting better.

It’s the first time Oklahoma has lost a game during the regular season – in 2008 it lost to Florida.

Team score:

No. 3 Oklahoma

  • Bars: 49,450
  • Safe: 49,325 (98,775)
  • floor: 49 200 (147 975)
  • Beam: 48,675 (196,650)

No. 4 Utah

  • Safe: 49,450
  • Bars: 49 350 (98 800)
  • Beam: 49,475 (148,275)
  • floor: 49,500 (197,775)

Utah individual scores

1st rotation: Vault

  • Jillian Hoffman: 9,800
  • Cammy Hall: 9,900
  • Lucy Stanhope: 9,925
  • Jaedyn Rucker: 9 850
  • Alexia Burch: 9,875
  • Grace McCallum: 9,900

2nd rotation: Rods

  • Amelie Morgan: 9,825
  • Sage Thompson: 9,925
  • Abby Paulson: 9,775
  • Grace McCallum: 9,875
  • Cristal Isa: 9,850
  • Maile O’Keefe: 9,875

3rd rotation: Beam

  • Amelie Morgan: 9,750
  • Grace McCallum: 9,925
  • Adrienne Randall: 9,800
  • Abby Paulson: 9,900
  • Cristal Isa: 9,925
  • Maile O’Keefe: 9,925

4th rotation: Floor

  • Abby Paulson: 9,825
  • Lucy Stanhope: 9,825
  • Grace McCallum: 9,975
  • Jaedyn Rucker: 9,925
  • Maile O’Keefe: 9 850
  • Sydney Soloski: 9,925


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