Heads of State recommend that Utah people with COVID-19 symptoms not be tested because Utah faces a lack of tests

The Cox administration said Friday that it advised Utahans with COVID-19 symptoms not to be tested and instead stayed home and isolated themselves as the state faced a critical shortage of coronavirus testing.

“Instead of testing, instead of going out and exposing more people, we encourage anyone who has symptoms to stay home,” she said. Leisha Nolen, a state epidemiologist in Utah.

Elder Utah and people with underlying disease should still be tested, Nolen advised.

The state also announced that it was temporarily suspending its Test to Stay initiative, which requires testing on COVID-19 for schools in the midst of the epidemic. State lawmakers on Thursday recommended suspending the state initiative Test to Stay due to lack of testing.

“We were facing operational problems as more and more students, educators and staff had to stay at home to recover from COVID,” said Sydnee Dickson, the state’s public education supervisor. “These numbers, as you have heard, are still growing and steps need to be taken to ensure that our schools remain safe and functional.”

Education officials in Utah said on Thursday that they would temporarily allow children to learn online how the pandemic would worsen. The Utah State Department on Thursday announced a staggering 12,990 new cases of COVID-19, exacerbated by the omicron variant. The state also said that 3,007 school-age children tested positive for the virus.

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