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Wisconsin Rapids police have been searching for Ambrosia Wallenfang, who was seen at the open-air Bread & Butter gasoline station near Gaynor Avenue. It is informed she had been found safe according to a response from a post on Facebook from the girl’s family and police. 

Firstly they said that please help them find their daughter. She fled from home in the morning and then she went missing. They said they are contacting many people, such as native corporations, and they continuously call everyone in case she is hiding in an open place. 

Some marks to know if she is the one whose family is desperate to find her-

The family left some remarks about inquiring and finding her and told everyone how to assist in this case. Ambrosia Wallenfang was wearing a Kane Brown t-shirt and black shorts. 

She was also carrying a purple and black Rafters cap and a vibrant bag and headed toward the Zoo. The Wisconsin River is near the Zoo. Police had posted a picture of a lady and her luggage on Facebook. Contact Wood County Dispatch Center at 715-421-8700 if anyone received any information. 

Some other details about that lady:-

Age of Ambrosia Wallenfang  is 11. She is a member of the white race, a youthful girl, and a citizen of the United States. Her birth date is not known. 

She is a young lady, so there could be or not the possibility of having a boyfriend, but there’s a possibility of not having a boyfriend, but we did not know much about her romantic life. She was eleven, so she did not have a profession. And the police did not like to share much detail about her and her family so let’s just hope they find their daughter safely.

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