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Dom Phillips has been involved in dance music since 1988, and he was also editor of clubbers’ bible MixMag and worked as a freelance writer for publications such as observer life, The Guardian, The big issue, The face, and also made several documentaries for Radio 1 and channel 4.

Bruno Pereira was an indigenous expert. They both went missing on 5 June. Small but determined indigenous search team has spent almost seven days in search of these two men and found some objects and things related to them. Indigenous volunteers found a blue tarpaulin in a flooded forest on Saturday morning.

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira Mystery

The police gave information

The police said that the bodies found are not supposed to be of Mr. Dom Phillips and Mr. Bruno Pereira because these bodies are found without merit, so it is not confirmed whether these bodies are of Dom or Bruno. 

Police also stated that they said the identification of the biological materials and personal belongings would be made soon. And after that, the police confirmed that the items belonging to both the men were found near the javeri region where they got lost. 

Both men received a threat for their work

Local people say that both the men get threatened for their work as they supported indigenous rights in the region. Both of them were famous for their knowledge of that region, and many days before their disappearance, Bruno Pereira was threatened for going against illegal fishing in their region. 

The region where they got missing is the home of 6300 indigenous people and 20 groups. There could be a trick in which these two famous and intelligent people get trapped.

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