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Who is Michael morgan? And what are the charges against him?

Michael Morgan has been in the news ever since he attacked a McDonald’s employee over something as trivial as cold fries. He shot him through the neck.

Matthew Webb, a 23-year-old worker, was identified as having “fallen victim to his concussions.”

What exactly happened?

Michael Morgan gunned down the employee outside a fast-food cafe in on Monday after he served him cold fries.

Michael Morgan, 20, has been arrested for attempted murder and convicted felon ownership of a legal gun for yelling at the worker after he was offered cold fries.

Investigators informed a court appearance Thursday that he is set to face enhanced violent crime charges after the worker’s died.

Morgan kept asking the employee to replace the fried with a fresh one however he did not respond.

Investigators believe he started punching Webb in the cheeks and took out a firearm and shot him in the neck.

His mother backed him up, saying he did the right thing. “He has to do what he has to do.”

Camellia Dunlap, the accused’s girlfriend, also faces the accused with gun possession for reportedly trying to hand Morgan the weapon. She was scheduled to appear later that day and retained on $50,000 criminal punishment after admitting to having the gun, according to investigators.

Michael Morgan fatally shot a McDonald's employee over cold fries.

Morgan was also accused of murdering the innocent worker who was doing his job. During the investigation, it was discovered that he had a history of vagrancy. In October 2021, he was accused of murdering Kevin Holloman. The young man was supported by his family for his actions. Police filed charges against his girlfriend as well and she was questioned by the authorities for hours in which she admitted supporting the crimes of his boyfriend.

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